Welcome to the official website of Wuyang Group!

Group Introduction

Like a majestic horse, the present-day Wuyang Group is galloping in Jiangsu province with hope and dream.


In 1990, in Taicang of beautiful southern Jiangsu province, people in four small houses started to work hard for the great cause. Four years later, it ascended the glorious stage, becoming a provincial enterprise group well-known in the military and civilian circles.

Adhering to the core enterprise values of “Trustworthiness, unity, innovation and vitalization”, Wuyang group has been dedicating itself for over 20 years to the creation of material wealth and spiritual value, hence having accumulated considerable capital with powerful motive force of innovation and marketing. It has become a multi-functional and modernized enterprise group with its business covering real estate development, domestic and foreign trade, finance, investment and industrial growth.

Wuyang has successively won such honors as “A trustworthy enterprise of contract-abiding in China” issued by National Aministration of Industry and Commerce, “A civilized unit” and “A big tax-payer” evaluated by Jiangsu Commision of Guiding the Build-up of Moral Civilization as well as “One of 20 real estate development enterprises with comprehensive power in Suzhou”, etc. The parent ccompany of the group has won the honors of “An advanced enterprise of foreign trade” and “A big foreign exchange earner” respectively in Suzhou and Taicang. Mr. Yang Zhongzhi, the board-chairman has been awarded “One of the ten news celebrities of the reserve force of national defence in China”, etc., in addition to being the representative of the 12th, the 13th, the 14th and the 15th Municipal People’s Congress of Suzhou. Mr. Yang Chunyu, the vice board-chairman and president, has been the member of the 13th Municiple Political Consultative Conference of Suzhou, the member of the 12th Municiple Political Consultative Conference of Taicang, vice director of the Chamber of Youth Commerce of Jiangsu province and the city of Taicang as well as the director of the Chamber of Youth Commerce of Taicang, etc..


Looking into the future, Wuyang Group will try to get hold of the strategic opportunity of national “ Belt and road initiative”. With internationalized vision and Internet as the platform, it is constantly making innovation for transfer, striving further to realize reasonable allocation and sharing of industrial resources, taking the development of quality products as self-responsibility, honesty and trstworthiness as tenets, bringing value to clients as well as creating civilized, harmonious, tender and elegant culture of inhabitation for society, leaving behind exquisite artworks for the city and history.


In this world radiating civilization and this era with boundless glamor of innovative development. Jiangsu Wuyang Group is advancing valiantly toward an ideal destination!


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