Welcome to the official website of Wuyang Group!

Corporate culture


Strength brings about brands which display glamor. We wish to have your affection with our sincerity.

“Condense the value” is the starting point for all operations of Wuyang.

We dedicate ourselves to bringing together talents, wisdom, resources and advantages.

“Create satisfaction” is the perpetual and unremitting pursuit of Wuyang.

We try to:

quality products and service to satisfy clients, provide career platforms and space for development to satisfy employees,

offer sustainable and steady returns for investment to safisfy share-holders as well as provide employment opportunities and hand over tax to satisfy society.

The core culture of Wuyang: Trustworthiness, unity, innovation and vitalization.


Trustworthiness: The moral coordiate

the foundation for entreprenurship and development as well as the link for maintaining relations.

Unity: The people-oriented coordinate

the base for uniting employees and the source for endless strength.

Innovation: The coordinate for action

the motive force of advancing with the times and the magic weapon for winning the market.

Vitalization: The coordianate for development

the objective for boundless pursuit and the theme for perpetual growth.

The future of Wuyang

Advance along with the times and develop through innovation.

The beauty of Wuyang lies in the unity of all its employees with unremitting efforts.

The beauty of its future lies in innovation and advancement along with the times.

This is an era for creating history and so many things are baptized by sunlight everyday.

This is an era of swift changes and our old cognition is subverted by wonderful new cognition everyday.

There are changes in the markets, cooperators, consumers and the order of world economy.

We should accurately get hold of the philosophy of advancing with the times and developing through innovation.

We are standing at the height of the times to initiate extensive wiisdom.

With an indomitable spirit and great ambition in defiance of setbacks, we are constantly developing brand-new situation for our cause while advancing together with the times.

Let our passion and dreams fly across the world...


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