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New Scenery

New Scenery Garden Afforesting Project Co., Ltd., Suzhou

“Ingeniously decorated with red and green settings, Loudong witnesses new sceneries everywhere”. This venue, born in 2010, is primarily marked by garden culture presenting one customer after another with cultural and scenic space in all directions in beautiful Taicang, the space which is elegant and suitable for inhabitation, making human beings live with the mother nature in harmony.

The company is mainly engaged in garden afforestation, the design and construction of civil projects, leisure-based agriculture, green ecological farm side-line products, maintenance and management of flowers and trees, miniature plants and the growth of tree-seedlings as well as sale and leasing, etc.

The company also has large tree-seedling bases of over 40 hectares, dealingin tree-seedlings, miniature trees and flowers, fruits, pollution-free vegetables, fish ponds, animal husbandry, artificial breeding, etc., while launching agricultural foodstuffs entitled New Sceneries.


Contacts:Mr. Xiao



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