Welcome to the official website of Wuyang Group!


Being inclusive. Being ambitious for great leaps. Tap the value of investment. Create endless wealth.

Wealth is one of the standards for testing the enterprise wisdom and the result of operation. Wealth ensures the survival and development of the enterprise and that the national prosperity is closely related with wealth. People of Wuyang apply wisdom, diligence and passion to create wealth. 

Rebuild the spirit of wealth and pursue the balance between the enterprise and society.

Financial investment and the investment of stock rights are major plates of Wuyang. The investment of Wuyang in a number of financial enterprises in Taicang embodies our aspiration for prospering China. We foster a rational spirit of wealth and long for the harmony between individuality and generality. We are in pursuit for the balance between the enterprise and society to make contributions to vitalizing local econmy in Taicang.


Finance(Click on the company name for details)

Enterprises invested

Bank finance

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