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Bank finance

Taicang Agricultural Bank of Commerce

Wuyang invested in Taicang Rural Commercial Bank, becoming one of the shareholders, with the top 3 shares. Since its operation in 2005, this joint-stock bank, which is set up according to the norms of modern commercial banks, has actively supported local economic development, served the people in financial management, continuously expanded its business, improved its operation quality, and established good credit in the environment of numerous brands and flourishing flowers in the industry. Especially, the shareholders have achieved better returns by maintaining a steady rise in business performance.


Suzhou Bank 

Wuyang is one of the shareholders of Suzhou Bank. Suzhou Bank is a joint-stock commercial bank with registered capital of 3 billion yuan, net capital of 13 billion yuan and capital adequacy rate of 39%. At present, the Bank of Suzhou has 47 branches, 1 business department and 58 branches. From November 15, 2010, the bank name of "Suzhou Bank Co., Ltd" was officially launched.


Taicang Mingsheng Bank of Villages and Towns

 Wuyang Group's investment in Taicang Minsheng Village Bank is a new rural bank financial institution with independent legal personality, which is the main sponsor of Minsheng Bank of China. The registered capital is RMB 100 million, adhering to the purpose of "serving the public, affecting the people's livelihood", based in Taicang, serving "agriculture, countryside and farmers", actively integrating into local economic construction, and committed to establishing "Taicang people's own bank".



Taicang Xinyi Agricultural Stock-holding Co., Ltd. of Loans in Small Amount

Wuyang invests in Taicang Xinyi Rural Microfinance Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of RMB 200 million. Its business scope is to grant loans, provide financing guarantees, carry out business agents of financial institutions and other businesses approved by the regulatory authorities. The company has a professional team from the banking industry, dedicated to solving customer financing problems, serving local economic development, providing flexible, convenient, professional and efficient financing services for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, rural professional cooperative organizations, farmers, individual operators and individuals.


Contacts:Mr. Sun

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