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Group organizes induction training for new employees from 2018 to 2019

2019-05-07 09:43:50 Jiangsu Wuyang Group Read

In order to enable new employees to have a comprehensive understanding of the group in recent months, in order to better adapt to the environment, understand the culture of the five oceans, and integrate into the five oceans as soon as possible. On April 2, 2019, the Group Integrated Management Department led a one-day induction training. Mr. Yang Chunyu, President of the Group, attended the training meeting. Nearly 30 new employees from the functional departments of the Group, real estate companies, property companies, Slaft (Binjiang Square), Hengyang Industrial Company and other units participated in the training.

The training meeting was held in Taicang Modern Agricultural Park. In the link of "Understanding the Five Oceans", the head of the Group's Integrated Management Department made a comprehensive introduction from the five oceans summary, the development history of the five oceans, the business sectors of the five oceans, and the core values and organizational structure of the five oceans enterprises. Subsequently, the integrated management department, risk management department and finance department have conducted corporate system training respectively. In the "business exchange" link, Zhang Rong, assistant general manager of the real estate company, made a summary of the real estate industry in 2018, outlook for 2019, and real estate market share in Taicang. In the "sharing and communication" link, new employees on "how to do their job well?" "The suggestions and opinions of Wuyang on daily management, business development and strategic transformation" and "Taicang real estate market in my eyes" were shared and exchanged.

In the "outdoor development" link, through the high-altitude bridge break, rock climbing and Myanmar water bridge development projects, it shows the innovative ability, teamwork ability and willpower of new employees, and the wonderful moments of breaking through courage, breaking thinking stereotypes, self-forgetting, trust, potential explosion on the scene are unforgettable and moving.

Subsequently, President Yang Chunyu of the Group made a speech. Mr. Yang first gave full recognition to the performance of the new employees and shared his growth experience. Then, Mr. Yang responded to the new employees'comments and suggestions. Finally, Mr. Yang warned us that as a new employee, we should stand lonely, temptation, frustration, grievance and responsibility. Finally, through the "written answer" link, each new employee was trained and assessed.

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