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Learning makes people progress

2019-05-07 09:40:23 Jiangsu Wuyang Group Read

Recently, the group's party branch amine superior requirements to carry out the learning power APP activities, as expected to move closer to the party organization as a member, is undoubtedly a good way. In our daily work and life, we always need to spend a lot of time to understand the latest trends of the party and cutting-edge information of science and technology culture, and we need to screen valuable content from jumble information. The APP of learning power provides us with a brand new platform to strengthen our learning all the time.

There is no end to learning. Only by learning and accumulating can we enrich our life experience. Learning xi jinping thought and advanced theoretical knowledge of the party can provide us with good theoretical support in our work.

While learning important thoughts and advanced theories, I can also learn abundant knowledge of sports, culture, film and television, military, economy, science and technology, so as to better understand the prosperity of our great motherland and enhance our sense of pride. By learning the cutting-edge economic theory, learning the model of The Times advanced deeds, learning the party's advanced theory, not only accelerate the pace of our ideological progress, but also let us learn to think, learn to innovate, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of our learning: good to learn, to learn to use good.

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