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Hengyang Textile Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Wuyang Group, Jiangsu Province

Upgrade traditional industry.

1556021466133751.jpgThis is an enterprise integrating industry with trade, with Taicang Henli Textile Co., Ltd.as its base of production, research and development. In the process of developing home-textile supply chain, it has always been adhering to the concept of “Developing home-textile undertakings and displaying multi-functional household articles”. Through learning from advanced international technology, the company has enhanced the activation of the production line and the qualification rate via comprehensive examination as well as actively promoted international trade and the project-establishment, construction and mass production related to the projects of “The belt and road initiative”, hence having increased the market share. With its exquisite craftsmanship and understanding of the use-habits and preference of clients for many years, the company has won acclaim in the high-end market, in the process of gradually catching up with international standards.

The company mainly produces high-grade handkerchiefs and cleaning articles of various kinds, in addition to turning out male and female woven handkerchiefs, big jacquard handkerchiefs, wax-imitation cloth, embroidered and printed handkerchiefs as well as beach towels, Arabic head-towels, cleaning rags of super-fine fabrics, non-woven fabrics, coral velvet rags and flannel blankets, etc.

Thanks to its good reputation of many years, Hengyang has won extensive recognition in the industry, with its products sold to Europe, USA, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It has become a qualified supplier of such main-stream super-markets as Walmart, Amazon (USA), Auchan, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Target, etc.



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