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Shanghai Electric Cable Co., Ltd., Wuyang Group, Jiangsu province.

The electric cable vanguard of “The belt and road initiative”.

This is a joint venture whose base of production, research and development is under Shanghai Electric Cable Factory Group. Co., Ltd. whose predecessor was Shanghai Electric Cable Factory established in 1945 as the cradle of electric cable production. It is now one of the largest leading enterprises in the industry of Chinese electric cable production.


In 2005, Shanghai Elecric Cable Factory underwent capital restructuring in order to follow the trend of reform in state-owned enterprises. While having turned into Shanghai Electric Cabel Factory Co., Ltd., it integrated the system of scientific management with advanced manufacturing technology and brought in foreign capital. Together with Cane Wire Corporation, a world-renowned Japanese electric cable manufacturing enterprise, it set up a relatively independent joint venture turning out high-voltage electric cables and electric cables for equipment.


Electric cables produced by Shanghai Electric Cable Factory Group Co., Ltd. has won honors as quality products at the national, ministeral and provincial levels several times. The following electric cables as landmark products were turned out by Shanghai Electric Cable Factory Group Co., Ltd., i.e. the first super-high voltage electric cable with quite high technical content in China, the first extra-long electric cable under the sea, the first electric cable used by the nuclear power station, the first electric cable used by the mine, the first extra-long aluminum-clad cable with steel-core, the earliest anti- high-temperature electric cables for aerospace and the first super-conducting electric cable.


Shanghai Electric Cable Factory Group Co., Ltd. is a qualified supplier of the National Grid, the Grid in Southern China, five major power-generating groups, railway-transportation, urban track transportation and Chinese Ships.



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