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Gudali environmental protection

固达利-1.jpgGudali Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Wuyang Group, Jiangsu province

The industrial leader in the professional field.

This is a joint venture whose base of production, research and development is under Suzhou Taisheng New Green Energy-saving Science and Technology and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.. With professional teams of design, marketing and production, it endeavors to make sure that its products can accurately meet the technical requirements of different regions and market-demands in different areas.


The company mainly turns out such products as heat-insulating brackets, brackets for finished products and anti-earthquake brackets, etc. In succession, it has supplied supportive products to and unfolded technical cooperation with Chinese Nuclear Power Group (Qinshan nuclear power station), Chinese International Project Group Co., Ltd. of Construction Materials (projects in Azerbaijan, Algeria, Egypt and Kazakhstan,etc.),Volkswagen of the First Automobile Group in China (Foshan, Changchun and Tianjin), Volkswagen of Shanghai Automobile Group (Anting in Shanghai),Changan Ford (Harbin), Pudong Airport, Qingdao Airport and Chendu Airport, etc. It has won recognition and awards form cooperative enterprises several times as well as The Certificate of a Qualified Supplier issued by Chinese Nuclear Power Group.


Contacts:Mr. Yang




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